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November 2009 Playlist

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

In the past, I used to post my playlist of songs that I am listening to.    Time to start that again so you know what songs that I am listening to this month… 

3 doors down   its not my time
a7x   bat country
a7x   seize the day
a7x   afterlife
a7x   dear god
a7x   unholy confessions (live)
alice in chains   a looking in the view
apocalyptica   somewhere around nothing
bullet for my valentine   waking the demon
children of bodom   are you dead yet
disturbed   the night
disturbed   stupify
disturbed   land of confusion
disturbed  inside the fire
flyleaf   again
foo fighters   wheels
godsmack   i stand alone
iron maiden   rainmaker
iron maiden   man on the edge
iron maiden   wrathchild
iron maiden   run to the hills (live)
kid rock   all summer long
kiss   shout it out loud
kiss   rock n roll all night
krokus   our love
lacuna coil   closer
linkin park   new divide
marilyn manson   mobscene
marilyn manson   tainted love
marilyn manson   armageddon
mastadon   oblivion
meagdeth   no more mr niceguy
megadeth   head crusher
megadeth   holy wars … punishment due
metallica   enter sandman
metallica   frantic
metallica   some kind of monster
metallica   until it sleeps
motley crue   girls girls girls
motley crue   looks that kill
motley crue   white trash circus
motley crue   MF of the year
motley crue   dr feelgood
nickelback   burn it to the ground
nin   closer
ozzy   gets me through
papa roach   i almost told you that i loved you
pearl jam   the fixer
rhcp   californication
rise against   savior
rob zombie   american witch
shinedown   sound of madness
slipknot   sulfer
slipknot   duality
soad   spiders
soad   chop suey
stone sour  3030150
stone sour   bother
stone sour   get inside
stone sour   sillyword
testament   practice what your preach
theory of a deadman   by the way
three days grace   break
trivium   gunshot
trivium   becoming the dragon
trivium   entrance of the conflagaration
trivium   the rising
white zombie   more human than human