Boycott List

Even though I may not practice what I preach, here is my incomplete list of entities that I am (or trying to) boycott. Not in any order…

1. Sony. Why would anyone want to use any products from a company that blatantly installed a root-kit on your PC? Granted…I do currently own a PS3 and a WEGA TV. In the near distant future, those items will be gone.

2. NBC. I am for Team CoCo. If it wasn’t for Community with Joel McHale on it, I would have zero need for NBC. I was also disappointed to find out that NBC also has its grubby hands in SciFi (or whatever they are calling it…).

3. MLB. No straight across the board salary cap? Don’t care then. Yes, I will go to a couple of Brewer games. Do I care who wins the World Series? No. Do I care about the 1994 World Series winner? Oh wait… there wasn’t one. I’m sure eventually Bud will apologize to me.

4.  Vonage.

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